22 Januari 2009

My New Hobby!

22 Januari 2009
now i'm quite bored to play online games as i used to be...i used to play at least 3 or 4 hours a day! (i was kinda addicted to it). and now i've changed my hobby! and my current hobby is editing my photos with adobe photoshop...well, few years ago my uncle had told me how to use it, but i was just a lil' kid and just couldn't understand him as well (pathetic, i know!). and now, i'm growing up n have decided to learn it by myself in order to replace my old hobby. and so i started to search about tutorials to make a photo effect on google and.....whoaaa, there are sooo many awesome photo effects tutorial out there! after that i just followed the instructions which is VERY HARD to an amateur like me but i keep learning BY MYSELF without anybody teaching me and finally it pays off! and here is some of the results... (click to enlarge)

are they nice? that was 100% my work(seriously)! if you wanna learn about how to make those kinda stuffs, you gotta learn it well b'coz it's not as easy as you think! just keep workin' on it! it'll pays off! trust me.


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