12 Februari 2009

edward cullen's volvo

12 Februari 2009
attention..........! so, i was just looking 4 some information about edward cullen's car since i'm a big fan of twilight. it's a silver volvo. i was trying to find the info about the type and the price. many sites say that it was volvo S60 R, but that was WRONG...the correct one is volvo c30. i just wanna tell the right one. OK, here's the pic of both cars so u can see the different...

this is volvo S60 R...

and this is volvo c30...(edward's car)

And don’t forget to check out the other cullen’s cars here…
Alice cullen
Carlisle cullen
Rosalie hale
Emmett cullen

And also bella’s truck



canon in d short version

i'm playing Canon in D by pachelbel, this is my favorite song that i could play on the piano eventhough i played it just like a robot (lol). i'm not showing off...i just wanna show you how to play Canon in the short version.

you can get the sheets here http://makingmusicfun.net/htm/f_printit_free_printable_sheet_music/canon-in-d.htm




09 Februari 2009

i'm sick

09 Februari 2009
i'm suffering from cough right now and that sucks! the days are always rainy but my busy school activities are still going on and oonnnn....and that made me sick like this. it really sucks! it feels like i wanna scratch my throat everytime. but the most disturbing things are...i can't eat any chocolate, ice cream and any fried foods (those are my favorite foods!). feells like hell. well, this is the sacrifice that i gotta do to be healed from this damn cough.

hope i'll be better soon on valentine's day. cheers.

i've completed the whole series!

yeah! now i have the whole series of twilight! the best vampire novel ever! i think it's better than harry potter...twilight story was more mysterious and dedicated for teenagers, not for children!
so, if you think that u're not a kid anymore, grow up and read twilight instead harry potter.

oops! my dog likes it either...

03 Februari 2009

i'm totally stressed of my life!

03 Februari 2009
i'm stress! i really do! it's like i wanna get my brain outta my head! i'm so tired...honestly i just wanna cry out and scream alouuuuddddd right now! i can't endure these freakin days anymore...i'm just too tired. i got back from school like at 04.30 pm and still got many lessons and homeworks! yeah...my life is just sucks! hope u can feel it like i do...and of course coz of those freakin exhausting days, i'm lacking of rest and spare times to refresh my body, soul and everything at least.

hell yeah...i kno it sounds easy to hear my story, but i'm sure that u don't wanna feel the way like i do. i need somebody to cheer me up in this hard days... T.T

oohhh...can i work all things out????? i don't even know that...T.T

02 Februari 2009

My new dog

02 Februari 2009
whoa...finally i got my dream come true! a siberian husky dog! like i've told you before, i looovveee siberian husky soo bad...but unfortunately, my parents DID NOT allow me to have one. but, its totally different right now, they allowed me to get one! and here it is...a super cute, cool, and amazing siberian husky puppy is finally mine! she's only 1,5 months right now. i named her "Velo". here are her cool pics...

O.K, so what do ya think? she's cute right? ^^

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