03 Februari 2009

i'm totally stressed of my life!

03 Februari 2009
i'm stress! i really do! it's like i wanna get my brain outta my head! i'm so tired...honestly i just wanna cry out and scream alouuuuddddd right now! i can't endure these freakin days anymore...i'm just too tired. i got back from school like at 04.30 pm and still got many lessons and homeworks! yeah...my life is just sucks! hope u can feel it like i do...and of course coz of those freakin exhausting days, i'm lacking of rest and spare times to refresh my body, soul and everything at least.

hell yeah...i kno it sounds easy to hear my story, but i'm sure that u don't wanna feel the way like i do. i need somebody to cheer me up in this hard days... T.T

oohhh...can i work all things out????? i don't even know that...T.T


jinchuricki mengatakan...

iya lah.. gpp,
kalo boleh ngasih saran neh, coba deh blognya dipasang shoutmix biar bisa blogwalking n blognya jd banyak yang ngunjungin...

ikh.. ga kok, english mu bgs bgd, drpd aq mlh amburadul,hehe

keep Blogging yea...^-^

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