10 Maret 2009

i really want a car!

10 Maret 2009
i wanna get the hell outta here as soon as possible! i just wanna be a senior high school student. wish i were already 15 yrs old right now...i'm tired of my current school. i get home at like 4.30 p.m and that's kicking my ass. i'm exhausting here. i just wanna move out from this rediculously small town. and the most important reason was...my dad promised me to buy me a car if i'm already in senior high! isn't that great?!

i've learned to drive a car since i was on 7th grade. n i can't wait to drive my own car! not my parents car! well, i have 2 cars at home, 1 is mercedez-benz and the other is just kijang innova...eventhough my first car that i drove was the innova, i'm still love my mercedez better than innova. coz mercedez are a way more comfortable. and it's more expensive anyway...

hmm...i'm still thinking about what car should i choose? well, i have some conditions 4 choosing it...1st, it must be comfortable (no matter it's manual or automatic), 2nd not too big, 3rd i really want an european made...that's all...=P

peace out


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