19 Juni 2009

Starcruise Virgo Vacation

19 Juni 2009
i just got back from my vacation on starcruise virgo!! it was fuuunnnn!!!! i stayed about 3 days onboard. and also embarked in malaysia and thailand, but only for couple hours.

starcruise will collect our passport and give us a card which is also our cabin key and credit card. credit card?? yess, it means that we hav to swipe the card to buy something...or to enter a restaurant.

the ship has 13 decks!! my fave deck is deck number 12...

this is it.....deck number 12!!

the ship has many entertainment shows...like circus, comedy, and even striptease (adult only!). i only watched the circus...it was stunning!!!

here's me and my cousin took a pic w/ one of the circus artist...the elastic boy!! look at his leg...lol

the captain is on the right...

whoa...this is my fave!! the viewpoint....feels like flying...

having supper at 01.00 A.M.....we eat about 6 times a day..lol

it sucks to carry that backpack w/ me all the time :(

this is located at galaxy of the stars...there is also a monitor showing the ship's speed and direction. and also "captain's bridge" its kinda room that showing the captain's room.

well...u've seen it all...its exquisite!!

see ya soon!


sebends mengatakan...

Do you have any more pics of the elastic boy?

v14 mengatakan...

we were not allowed to bring any cameras during the circus show...so...i couldn't capture him in action...lols

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